Mexican at its best, right here in Wellington!

In every dish I create, I honour the memory of my mum’s cooking by instilling the same soulful passion that emanates from my mother’s kitchen.

As a Mexican, I miss mum’s cooking every day. But that feeling also fuels a deep passion engrained in my soul.
Creating wonderful Mexican food is my passion; and I want all the people in Wellington to experience it.
Here in Hot Like a Mexican you will be able to taste my passion for real Mexican food in every dish we serve.

Premium Ingredients

A Taste of Mexico, relish the taste of tradition in every bite, with dishes crafted from scratch using an array of ingredients that pay homage to the roots of Mexican cooking.

Nestled in the heart of Wellington, our restaurant offers a culinary adventure with a focus on quality ingredients. A stand-out feature is our homemade cooking process for our meals, we make everything from scratch with an emphasis in good tasting, yet healthy meals. Expect fresh meals made right here in our kitchen.

Brown Rice

We use nutricious brown rice in our dishes.


Soft corn tortillas, just like in Mexico.

Coconut Oil

Enjoy healthy coconut oil in our meals and sides.

Beans Beans Beans – Musical Beans!  

Following a century’s old black bean cooking technique.

Real Fruit

Real food, real drinks. We use fresh mango and hibiscus flowers for our drinks.

Dietary Restrctions

We can accommodate dietary restrictions if requiered