About Andres - Hot! Like a Mexican!

About Andres

Mexican men aren't supposed to be in the kitchen at all.

As Pimentel explain: Soon after he married his Kiwi wife Myrene, the couple returned to his family for Christmas.

His sister poked her head around the door and hissed "Shortie!" (for that was his nickname). "Damned Shortie, you married a Kiwi who doesn't like cooking! Instead, she's watching football on TV with our husbands and boyfriends, which is where you should be, too!"
Andres answer was: But please Sis:

  • I love cooking.
  • I love my kitchen.
  • I want to learn everything from you.

Since then, Andres is the indisputed mole meister and Mexican restaurateur in New Zealand, who shares his recipes with us. From Monday to Friday at Wellington QBT and on the Sunday Harbour Market he serves us Kiwis with authentic Mexican Food all year round, Hot! Like a Mexican!